Holiday Helpers of Jacksonville, Florida

"An Organization Committed To Helping Children
Affected By Or Infected With HIV or AIDS!"

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Our History

Holiday Helpers was preceded back in 1980 under the name David Simmons Santa’s Pals. In 1999 the organization grew to encompass over five counties and 700 children and adults. With the need growing fast and the donations at a slower pace the members of Santa’s Pals knew the mission statement needed to change.

In 2000 David Simmons Santa’s Pals decided to change the mission statement to "An organization committed to helping children affected by or infected with HIV and AIDS”. With that modification the organization decided to open to a more diverse crowd by changing it’s name from a Christian symbol to an eclectic name, Holiday Helpers. With these few modifications Holiday Helpers has continued a stabilized grow keeping in mind what the holidays are all about, the children.

This organization only survives with the help of its donations and volunteers. Over the past 16 years we've cut to a 10% operational fee leaving more money for growth and outreach. Together, Holiday Helpers and the citizens of the Jacksonville area are making the holidays more special then ever for children directly affected by or infected with HIV and AIDS. This is our 17th year and it is just as busy as ever. If you like to help please call 904 525-1942 or text..we can always use a few new faces.

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